The Susqhehannock - 2017 - MER Convention

October 12 - 15, 2017

Visit - - For More Information On Available Activities and Lodging
Contact the Registrar at - - or - 609-585-4616 With Questions

Registrations Closed 10/7 Thru 10/11.
You May Submit and Pay for Registrations During This Time But They Will Not Be Processed Until Thursday 10/12.

The 1 Exception is - The Registrar WILL Review Registration Submissions and Process Any Registrations or Additions To Registrations That Include Thursday Morning # 701 ACF/Bowser Tour, Until Sold Out.

Pre-Registered Attendees May Pick Up Convention Packets on Wednesday 10/11 7pm-10pm, and Thursday 10/12 - 7am-8am.

At Door Registrations Will Open Thursday 10/12 at 4pm - $59

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At Door Registration - - - $59

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Non NMRA Member Extra Fee - - - - - - - - - $10

Signif. Other & Children Thru Age 18 - - $5 each

Food Selections

401 Banquet Saturday Night - - - - - - - -$45 each
Sit Down PA Dutch Style Dinner
Vegetarian & Special Diet Requests Accepted-Contact Registrar

406 Thursday Breakfast CLOSED

402 Friday Breakfast Prepay - - - - - - - -$14 each
Starts 6am

403 Saturday Breakfast Prepay - - - - - -$14 each
Starts 6am

404 Sunday Breakfast Prepay - - - - - - -$14 each
Starts 6am

405 Superintendents Breakfast, Saturday - - $0
You have been invited by your title selection.

Call Boards / Ops
All Are $5 Each Slot

801 Thursday 7pm - 10pm, Don Florwick
Pittsburgh & South Pennsylvania RR (HO)

# Available

801 Stand-By Slot
(pay $5 only if contacted to fill a slot vacancy)

# Available

802 Friday 12pm - 4pm, Wayne Betty
Lancaster & Atlantic RR (HO)

# Available

802 Stand-By Slot
(pay $5 only if contacted to fill a slot vacancy)

# Available

803 Friday 1pm - 5pm, Brian Wolfe
Western Maryland Railway, Blue Ridge Div. (HO)

# Available

803 Stand-By Slot
(pay $5 only if contacted to fill a slot vacancy)

# Available

804 Friday 6pm - 10pm, Stephen Mallery
PRR Buffalo Line (HO)

# Available

804 Stand-By Slot
(pay $5 only if contacted to fill a slot vacancy)

# Available

805 Saturday 9am - 12pm, Charles Kadyk
Pennsylvania and New England (HO)

# Available

806 Saturday 1pm - 4pm, Bob Bucklew
Quaker Valley (HO)

# Available

806 Stand-By Slot
(pay $5 only if contacted to fill a slot vacancy)

# Available

807 Friday Evening, Bob Charles
South Penn Division (HO)
Hands On Portion of TT&TO Clinic Included
Clinic Attendance Required

Max. Available Slots is 12
You Must Attend Stephen Kings TT & TO CLinic to have a chance to participate in this Call Board/Ops.
Stephen will have Reserved Slot Vouchers at the clinic for the first 12 attendees who make a request.
Vouchers will be turned in at the Registration Desk with $5 in order to get an Official Ops Ticket.

Prototype Tours

201 Friday, 8a-5:30p, EBT/Shade Gap Trolley

202 Friday, AM, Harrisburg Station & Harris Tower Tours - $37 each

203 Friday Afternoon, Harrisburg Station, Harris Tower, and Civil War museum Tours - $53 each

204 Saturday 9a - 3p, Strasburg RR w/Shop Ticket, & Railroad Museum of PA.

Made In MER Tours

701 Thursday, 8a-5:30p, ACF Tank Car Mfg., Bowser Mfg. Tours, Also Includes Lunch -
$67 each

# Available

General Interest Activities

501 Friday All Day, Harrisburg Capital City and Civil War Museum Tours, with Reserved Pay On Your own Lunch - $53 each

502 Saturday AM, Hershey Gardens and Guided Museum Tour - - $52 each

503 Friday Evening, Wine and Paint Backdrop Clinic

Convention Shirts & Tank Cars

Heavy Duty Black Polo Shirt with Pocket and Embroidered Logo
Select Size(s), then a box will open for each checked size, to choose quantity desired.
S, M, L, XL - $34
2XL, 3XL - $39

Note: Shirts may continue to be ordered after 10/7/17, But they will require a $5 shipping charge since they will not be in until after the convention.
The Shipping is already calculated in the price now.

NEW ITEM - Susquehanna Division/MER Commemorative Tank Car Kit, HO Scale, Made By Tichy

Alternative text

Order Your Tank Cars Here.
They Are On Sale For $16.95 each.

There Will Be Tank Cars For Sale During The Convention In The Company Store.

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